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Cart #54835 | 2018-08-07 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This is the first game I made in Pico8, and I kind of learned the system as I was making it.

Day 3:
-There was a bug that took an hour to fix :/

Day 4:
-I made a silly error that took an hour to fix
-We're almost at a playable beta build n_n

Day 5:
-The beta build is live!
-2 new types of enemies
-Bug fixes
-Placeholder sfx

Day 6:
-HP Packs
-3 more power ups on the way

Day 7:
-There are 5 power ups in all, and a random power up! (with sfx)
-Placeholder music
-Bug fixes (kinda)
-Invincibility is now visible
-Bombs are fully implemented, press x to clear the screen of enemies!

Day 8:
-Player can now choose between icy and retro controls on the pause menu
-Controls displayed on game load up
-Bug fixes
-Changed some strange colors
--(I figured out how to use black, so I'll most likely be making a couple color changes)

Day 9:
-Final release!
-Bug fixes
-Hidden boss
-Sidestepping making aiming easier
-Touching up

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