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by fmdud



  • Enemies will shoot at you if you are in front of them, otherwise they will follow the direction of the BLOODY FOOTPRINTS underneath them. If there are not bloody footprints underneath them, they patrol in a pattern dictated by their colour.

  • Lead a guard to the RED SCANNER in order to open the first YELLOW DOOR. YELLOW DOORs require all nearby RED SCANNERs to be green (probably need a UI for this).

  • KEYCARDs open BLUE DOORs. the BLUE DOOR won't open unless your keycard is high enough level.

  • When you get the GLOVES, you can vault over railings (as in the gif).


The controls are:

  • Use the arrow keys to move around. You can queue a move a little ahead to keep the game going if you want to (i tried a full input queue which worked but I had no method to cancel it. Feedback on movement welcome

  • press z to SHOOT. you can hold it and aim the shot in any cardinal direction. Eventually I'll limit the bullets to four like it was in the old cartridge.

  • press x to WAIT. You can't run into walls anymore, so you have to move or wait deliberately.

  • If you die, press z to restart (I haven't re-implemented death graphics for this so it may be unclear)

Known bugs:

  • Keycards respawning when you die allowing you to get infinite keycards


  • updated sounds and input, changed start position
  • reverted start position
  • updated shooting markers and began new area
  • removed idle max time

EDIT 2: Still No Instructions

I wanted to upload a cartridge with a two-way radio at the relay station which give you instructions about what the tiles mean but I'm doing an early upload of the new version without this crucial feature as I still have more work to do to implement all the functionality from the old codebase. I refactored the whole thing into a new cartridge since the last upload and I still can't minify it yet because of significant table keys that get minified (instead of calling "make_item" it calls "make_x" which doesn't exist, etc)

EDIT: Nov 2020

Been working on this on and off, it's feeling a lot better now. There's a gun and a C4 which aren't in this demo but this is a complete-ish first level. I still haven't added the codec (which would teach you about the different tiles, etc). To complete the level, get to every checkpoint. Once you pick up the "gloves" you can vault over fences. The sound design and graphics are still very bad, but I'm happy that there's something in this concept I like.

I'm in the middle of refactoring it at the moment so I don't predict further updates for a little while. I've zoomed it in in the refactor which I'm not sure I like, but maybe with some cool camera movement and "binoculars" it would be better.

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