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I am a software engineer and comedy writer. Thank you for playing my game(s)!

I'm on twitter, too: twitter.com/whoiskevinflynn

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Hello! Thank you for checking out Schrödie, my first ever game!
It's a little arcade game concept that I hope you enjoy.
I'm going to do my best impression of an 80's game ad copywriter now. - Kevin

You can't spell Schrödie...without DIE!

Help Schrödie the cat dodge the poison bubbles in two possible alternate realities! You'll need a keen eye and cat-like reflexes to escape theoretical danger. While inside the box, Schrödie is in a constant state of being both dead and alive...But which will become a reality once you open the box?

Available now for the PICO-8!

MOVE: Left and Right
JUMP: Up, Z, or X
FAST-FALL: Down (while in midair)

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