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About The Game

Shoot Fireballs, bigger then you, and kill your Enemies on 5 different lanes and lands to become the very best Annabelle player!

Highscore Game!!

About Our Work - and background:

This game is created for a Game Jam of my School.
The School of Games
(Cologne, Germany)

Our limitation was to create a one screen Pico-8 game in 3 and a half days. The specific theme of the game was randomly chosen.
Viktoria Lierhaus - Game Design, Programmer,
Gian Paolo Licata - Game Design, Artist, Animation, Sound Effect and Title Screen Musik

Special thanks to everyone who has helped us!
For example!

  • Hannah Rodenbüsch, thank you for the Gameplay Music!
    Now we are Done!
  • Updates and Bug fixes (if we need them) will come fast.

Work - Day 1 Monday

  • build up Teams randomly
  • Our random Topic was: “unbalanced beat em up”
  • Brainstorming: (We want to create a game about #
    Cyber Cowboys! and Bounty Hunters!)
  • First Title: “something” of the western hill (I don't know what we had instead of “something…” .. 4 days ago…. bad first title… bad Topic)
  • First Idea: “Space invader clone from right to left instead of up to down. With
    Random Enemies and a little bit more control”

What we done: (day 1)

  • Player control
    • Animation (Programming, not art)
  • Spawn (Programming)
  • Changed Topic (Little Girl, Demon)
  • Player Sprites ( Spend much time )
  • Map Size
  • First Map Model (ART) ext:

What we done: (day 2)

  • Two of Four Enemies Draw (Artist)
  • Two of Four Enemies Animation (Artist)
  • Projectiles, Deleting Enemies.. etc. (Programmer)
  • New Map Model

What we done: (day 3)

  • Last two Enemies Draw (Artist)
  • Last two Enemies Animation (Artist)
  • Design Tutorial (With Pen and Paper)
  • Title screen Music and Sfx
  • Many Programming things! like health etc.
  • Draw Title Screen,

What we done: (day 4 / Last day)

  • Gameplay music by Hannah
  • Shakes
  • New Projectile
  • Lose Screen
  • Tutorial (Only Information, no gameplay tutorial)

Thank you for reading and playing!
Please send us feedback so we can do it better and better!

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