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Cart #47598 | 2017-12-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

About The Game

Shoot Fireballs, bigger then you, and kill your Enemies on 5 different lanes and lands to become the very best Annabelle player!

Highscore Game!!

About Our Work - and background:

This game is created for a Game Jam of my School.
The School of Games
(Cologne, Germany)

Our limitation was to create a one screen Pico-8 game in 3 and a half days. The specific theme of the game was randomly chosen.
Viktoria Lierhaus - Game Design, Programmer,
Gian Paolo Licata - Game Design, Artist, Animation, Sound Effect and Title Screen Musik

Special thanks to everyone who has helped us!
For example!

  • Hannah Rodenbüsch, thank you for the Gameplay Music!
    Now we are Done!
  • Updates and Bug fixes (if we need them) will come fast.

Work - Day 1 Monday

  • build up Teams randomly
  • Our random Topic was: “unbalanced beat em up”
  • Brainstorming: (We want to create a game about #
    Cyber Cowboys! and Bounty Hunters!)
  • First Title: “something” of the western hill (I don't know what we had instead of “something…” .. 4 days ago…. bad first title… bad Topic)
  • First Idea: “Space invader clone from right to left instead of up to down. With
    Random Enemies and a little bit more control”

What we done: (day 1)

  • Player control
    • Animation (Programming, not art)
  • Spawn (Programming)
  • Changed Topic (Little Girl, Demon)
  • Player Sprites ( Spend much time )
  • Map Size
  • First Map Model (ART) ext:

What we done: (day 2)

  • Two of Four Enemies Draw (Artist)
  • Two of Four Enemies Animation (Artist)
  • Projectiles, Deleting Enemies.. etc. (Programmer)
  • New Map Model

What we done: (day 3)

  • Last two Enemies Draw (Artist)
  • Last two Enemies Animation (Artist)
  • Design Tutorial (With Pen and Paper)
  • Title screen Music and Sfx
  • Many Programming things! like health etc.
  • Draw Title Screen,

What we done: (day 4 / Last day)

  • Gameplay music by Hannah
  • Shakes
  • New Projectile
  • Lose Screen
  • Tutorial (Only Information, no gameplay tutorial)

Thank you for reading and playing!
Please send us feedback so we can do it better and better!

P#47596 2017-12-21 19:06 ( Edited 2017-12-31 19:31)

Three and a half days? Impressive! So what this is not criticism but suggestions for where to go from here. First of all: If you don't really plan to keep it up, don't promise more. Put a note on the platform that you won't spend time on it. But if you do...

  • I would love to save my highscore.
  • Give us a bit background story or motivation. It seems like you put a lot of thought into the game design. Tell us about the characters either in the opening screen or hidden under a shortcut.
  • As a player, I would love to get a break once in a while and be rewarded with an animation (sprites could be taken from gameplay, no problem), e.g. when I killed that 10x guy. Give me some motivation to continue playing!

Apart from that: I love the animations and the music. Programming seems sound. Well done ;-) Get out and promote it on a website. How about a link to other student's projects?

P#47751 2017-12-29 14:18 ( Edited 2017-12-29 19:18)

Very well done. I'm a fan of the Tapper-style lane shooters, this is a very solid place to start. Nice backgrounds for each lane too.

On top of what F5M suggested, maybe add something that promotes people to NOT just lay on the trigger. It was very easy to just go up/down while shooting and getting far. Maybe a power meter or something like that.

A secondary weapon/action would be cool to see. And yes, some sort of level break or whatever. Like when that cloaked dude comes out, make him a boss and when he dies show a "Way to go!" screen or something, then on to level 2.

Maybe even consider revealing lanes and bad guys as you go. So rather than have all 5 lanes at the beginning, have only the bottom 1 or 2, and only throw one type of bad guy at the player...this will let them get the gist of the game and such. Next level...few more lanes and enemies...and so on...

Climb to the heavens to beat the super boss! That not only gives the player a good ramp up, it also gives you a sort of built-in story. Annabelle needs to work her way up to fight evil...or whatever...

Anyway...great start, keep it up...

P#47775 2017-12-31 14:31 ( Edited 2017-12-31 19:31)

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