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In my latest game, I rely on a press of both buttons to restore health. But players (including myself) have been complaining that this behaves inconsistently.

I am using code along the lines of:

if(btnp(4) and btnp(5))then
     elseif(btnp(5)) then

Its just too inconsistent though. I've had comments wishing there was a third button.

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Cart #50606 | 2018-03-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


== Old Screens ==

Souls-like, Bloodborne style game for the PICO-8. Navigate your way through insanity as you unlock your mind and free yourself.

Save your mind from the grasp of great insanity. Gather your treasured memories to increase your stamina and keep yourself moving while you expand and unlock your twisted mind.

Discover the 2 different endings...if you can survive your own psyche and make it out alive!

Explore the procedurally-generated maze that changes around you, every minute. Destroy you inner demons, only to see them reborn along with the maze. Luckily the exit, items and treasures stay put...as do your enemies corpses, scarring your soul.

For fans of Rogue-like and Souls-like games, with a fair but challenging difficulty, requiring skill and timing.


Collect all the treasures in a level to level up!
Dash is invincible, use it!
Keep an eye on your stamina bar.
You can only collect up to 9 health potions. Use them wisely.
You don't always have to kill an enemy.
Sometimes it can be wise to stay put and see if the maze opens up. Sometimes you can rush through before a gap might close. Take a gamble!
This game is free to distribute. If you wish to distribute this game for money, please contact me for royalty pricing details.


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Inspired by Wild Guns, Operation Wolf, Duck Hunt etc.

The Bear's picnic has been invaded by the evil minions of the Kuma clan. It's time to bear arms and break out the legendary Bear Arms. Destroy the Kuma minions and their Shinobi before they destroy the Picnic.


  • Beartual Reality Vision!

  • The latest in 8-bit Third Person Shooting Action!

  • Score Attack. No Lives, no game over. Play all the levels, try and get the highest score!

  • Amazing procedural 8-bit sound effects!

  • A colossal 2 colours per sprite!

  • An amazing, full screen resolution of 128x128! At a rock solid 30FPS! PCMasterRace eat your heart out!


You can download and play this game on your PICO-8 Fantasy Games Console. This game is not Open Source or otherwise. It is copyright but free to distribute.

If you wish to include this in a paid for compilation or for any other arrangement that involves money, please contact me for licensing fees.

itch.io page: gymcrash.itch.io

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You are not the hero. You are dog.

This is a souls-like PICO-8 console game, playable in your browser or on the PICO-8 Fantasy Console.

A must for fans of Bloodborne, Dark Souls and Nioh.

The legendary matagi hero Snow Wolf is once again called for help, in order to rescue the mayor's children from the Yakuza, taken under dubious circumstances. A blizzard blows, and visibility is weak. Snow wolf sets out, with a sidekick, dog, in order to save the children and bring justice to the evil-doers. But by kami-sama is he so damned tired of all of this.

Snow Wolf is powerful. Snow wolf can kill his foes in a few blasts of his trusty rifle. But dog is just dog. Good dog :-)

Game features:

  • Souls-like gameplay
  • Stamina management
  • Rest and resume at bonfires
  • Different enemy types with various attacks and personalities
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Sound

This game will be finished after the Fantasy Console GameJam.


Always wait for Snow Dog, don't rush ahead too far, or Snow Dog won't be able to shoot the enemies for you. Take your time.

Invincible Dash through enemy attacks - they are telegraphed, so make sure you dash at the right time or you will be hit.

Don't be afraid to walk back or away from enemies - but don't run away the wrong way or you'll bring in more enemies!

If you are low in health, go to Snow Dog and let him know.

Rest at bonfires or you will lose your progress!

Look forward to:

  • More enemies
  • Find out what happens to the children and how Snow Wolf will bring all those responsible to justice
  • A world of a mountain to explore including clue-finding, branching paths and metrovania-style gameplay.
  • New moves???


(This is my first time coding in a Game Jam, and coding for the PICO-8, and also first time coding in LUA!)

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