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You are an honorable factory worker and member of the socialist party. You have to sort really important blocky things or else you will be a replaced by a much more productive comrade. To maximize your motivation we've arrested your family (and pets) in our socialist holiday camp (prison). Make the nation proud!


Up - Instant drop
Left - Move block left
Right - Move block right
Down - Fast drop

x - rotate right
o - rotate left

s - mute music
d - restart music
f - change music

tab - change blocks


This is a straightforward tetris clone with good playability at faster speed levels in mind. For example, the key cooldown gets smaller when you advance levels. It has got 3 music tracks (and a secret one) so you don't get too bored too easily. Fleshing out appealing aesthetics was quite tricky and this thing took me overall about a week. The score calculation and game speed is quite equal to the original Tetris, I changed the response time of the controls a bit to my liking, but somebody who knows the original should feel immediately at home :-)

P#37821 2017-02-25 15:36


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Hi there!

This is my first attempt at a game made with pico-8 (And also my first LUA application).
The actual game took me about half a day but the graphics and music were pretty hard for me and took longer.
Everything is fully functional, bug free and with overall aesthetics in mind.

I hope you guys enjoy playing! :-)

P#37775 2017-02-24 09:45

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