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I am coming back to Pico8 after a few month pause just to find that I still cannot fix a problem I have with my platformer project. I would appreciate any help on it.

what I have:

The camera follows a point offset from the character.
I achieved a rubberband effect with

v = (cam.aim-cam.p)*0.1 
cam.p += v

where cam.aim is a vector with an offset from the players position vector and cam.p is the current camera position.
When using the parachute this is only true when the character has a certain distance form the camera position. Also there is a different behavior while the parachute is opening.

While the camera is totaly fine while running and jumping, it becomes jittery when the character is mid air and moving really slowly. That's because, I think, the camera cannot decide if it is one pixel away from it's destination or not.

Whatever I do .. It stays that way. or doesn't work at all ^^"

How can I force it to stay at it's destination position when moving really slow?

P#66551 2019-08-11 17:21

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