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If, like me, you got hold of Humble's recent GameDev Software bundle, then you probably have a copy of Pyxel Edit. Because palettes are saved in the .pyxel files that the program produces, I've stuck a couple of them on Google Drive with the correct palette for PICO-8 users.

The resulting spritesheets can be exported as PNG files for importing into PICO-8 - just be sure to use the 128 x 64 version if you're not wanting to overwrite the map area of memory.

128 x 64 version
128 x 128 version

For some reason, when you click the links, Google Drive brings up an unpacked preview of the .pyxel file - just click the "Download" button at the top-right of the window, and they should download just fine.

Full credit for the palette RGB values goes to Roman Zolotarev and his handy-dandy palette page.

Happy editing!

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