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Hello everyone :)

I just made it public on pico-8 Slack's group. A couple weeks ago I created an api to use on my experiments with PICO-8. I used Kimono to scrape the BBS every 24 hours.

I had not made it public yet because I don't know if Zep'd be ok with that... and sometimes I'm too lazy to ask hahah. So hey @zep, are you ok with that? It makes just a few requests per day to the BBS... It's updated every 24 hours and makes one request per carts page. So I don't think it's gonna hurt the BBS's performance.

So here's the json api and here's a page with (hopefully) all carts.

And finally here's the api docs.


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Hey, guys.

I created a curated list for things related to PICO-8 on Github. I think it could be useful.

Click the image to go to the repository

Any contribution is appreciated :)

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I was experimenting with different methods of organizing and distributing PICO-8 carts. This is one of my favorites so far :)

"Why?" - I know it's not that useful (we can't see the names, just covers) but it was a fun experiment ;.)

PICO-8 Store (Imgur album)

See it in action

The possibilities are endless :)

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