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I had a hard time debugging "Cannot load" error message when running a cartridge with pico8_0.2.5g -run, where the cart contained an import missing_spritesheet.png statement. I thought that "Cannot load" meant "Cannot load cart" but in fact the cart was loaded, only the spritesheet was not. This was due to the spritesheet missing from the carts folder, but I only understood this thanks to an older version of PICO-8, pico8_0.2.2c which would print an extra error message in the console:

> failed to import spritesheet; file: /path/to/missing_spritesheet.png

Is there a particular reason why the terminal message was removed? To make the terminal cleaner? In this case, could we at least have the full error message in PICO-8 instead?

Tested versions:

  • 0.2.2c: "failed to import spritesheet; file: /path/to/missing_spritesheet.png"
  • 0.2.5e: nothing is printed in terminal
  • 0.2.5g: nothing is printed in terminal

To repro: create a cart with "import dummy.png" (where dummy.png is a file doesn't exist in carts/) and run it with pico8 -run from terminal.

P#138219 2023-12-04 11:43

the import command is only to be run in the command prompt, it’s not valid code to put inside cart code

P#138228 2023-12-04 18:03

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