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Kumatori Panic!

This game is an entry for the A Game By Its Cover 2023 jam! Original famicart design is Kumatori Panic! by Eat Sleep Meep!

Check their cart and other works out!


0.1 - Jam version released for AGBIC 2023
0.2 - Fix Endless loop bug (hopefully).


Kumatori Panic! is a combination of Sokoban type entity pushing and Bejeweled like color matching. Gather all the chicken before they ran off! Connect 3 or more matching ones to gather them into the coop!

Bump into the chickens from a direction to push them, if nothing is in the direction you are pushing.

Pushing Chicks costs energy. Regain energy by matching 3 or more chicks, the more the merrier!

You can pick chicks up, but that and putting them down cost 1 energy. Carrying a chick costs 1 energy per step.

You CANNOT complete a match by placing a chick from carrying, you HAVE TO PUSH THEM TO THEIR PLACE! No easy skip for ya, let the push puzzle guide you! (Red chicks are friends though!)


At the moment the game doesn’t see an option to crack multiple eggs with one match. It will generate enough on start, but during the run if you do not match them individually the game could false end you! Hit restart and match eggs one-by-one if that happens. The game does not generate maps it sees unsolvable.


Meet the Chicks:

Yellow - They are your everyday chicks, sitting around, waiting to be collected.

Green - They are hyperactive and will move around on their own on the map! They cannot macth by themself moving this way.

Blue - Their secret is the power of duplication! At each of the third pushes they duplicate into a neighbouring tile! They cannot macth by themself moving this way.

Red - They have a sticky personally that everyone wants to follow!

Pink - Created upon matching 4 chicks, they are the jokers of the garden! Can match to any other color!

White - Created upon matching 5 or more chicks! The big brother of the pink chicks, they can be pushed around freely!

Meet the Eggs:

The future of the garden! Next to gathering all chicks you will have to hatch all eggs as well! Match other chicks next to them to hatch a chick indicated by the color out of them! Eggs cannot be pushed or picked up! Bear hands are not delicate enough for eggs!


Original famicase design is Kumatori Panic! by Eat Sleep Meep! Check their cart and other works out HERE!

Ko-fi articles:

I wrote devlogs about the development process of this game, you can read them over at my Ko-fi Page!

Article List link!

If you would like to see more games, gamedev blogs, pixel- and voxel arts check out my Ko-fi page, where you can support me if you want!


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