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Balls Off is a local multiplayer 1v1 game created for Pico-8. Take control of a ball and compete against your friends in a thrilling battle for ball supremacy. Grow your ball by devouring smaller ones and avoid getting gobbled up by your opponent's ever-expanding ball.


Each player takes control of a ball with the aim of becoming the biggest ball on the battleground. The more balls you eat, the larger you'll grow, but colliding with larger balls than you will cause your ball to shrink, making you more vulnerable to your opponent's attacks.

Control Scheme:

Player One:

  • Up Arrow: Move Up
  • Down Arrow: Move Down
  • Left Arrow: Move Left
  • Right Arrow: Move Right

Player Two:

  • E Key: Move Up
  • S Key: Move Down
  • D Key: Move Left
  • F Key: Move Right
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