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Horizontal alignment is reset when a line break or tab is inserted in p8scii.

The example below expects the first line to start at the beginning of the first line after a line break.
Also, the tab position seems to reset the shift cursor.

?"\+jjtest p8scii\ntest p8scii (𝘹ADJUST:j)",0,0
?"\+ljtest p8scii\ntest p8scii (𝘹ADJUST:l)",0,16

?"\-jtest\-j   p8scii (𝘹ADJUST:j)",0,64
?"\-ltest\-l   p8scii (𝘹ADJUST:l)",0,72

Cart #p8scii_nl_adjust_bug-0 | 2023-05-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P#130237 2023-05-28 06:18

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