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When you see the default kana font, you might think that you could create something a little better.
But then you realize that it was a kind of provocation for creators (or designers).

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Text conversion scripts for SpreadSheet custom scripts

This script converts "Kana/Kana" text to "Katamuki kana" specification in a spreadsheet.
Register it in a custom script and execute p8Katamukikana([Cell-ID]) on the cell you want to convert.

function p8Katamukikana(text) {
  const kanamap = {
    'が': 'か゛', 'ぎ': 'き゛','ぐ': 'く゛','げ': 'け゛','ご': 'こ゛',
    'ざ': 'さ゛', 'じ': 'し゛','ず': 'す゛','ぜ': 'せ゛','ぞ': 'そ゛',
    'だ': 'た゛', 'ぢ': 'ち゛','づ': 'つ゛','で': 'て゛','ど': 'と゛',
    'ば': 'は゛', 'び': 'ひ゛','ぶ': 'ふ゛','べ': 'へ゛','ぼ': 'ほ゛',
    'ぱ': 'は゜', 'ぴ': 'ひ゜','ぷ': 'ふ゜','ぺ': 'へ゜','ぽ': 'ほ゜',
    'ガ': 'カ゛', 'ギ': 'キ゛','グ': 'ク゛','ゲ': 'け゛','ゴ': 'コ゛',
    'ザ': 'サ゛', 'ジ': 'シ゛','ズ': 'ス゛','ゼ': 'セ゛','ゾ': 'ソ゛',
    'ダ': 'タ゛', 'ヂ': 'チ゛','ヅ': 'ツ゛','デ': 'テ゛','ド': 'ト゛',
    'バ': 'ハ゛', 'ビ': 'ヒ゛','ブ': 'フ゛','ベ': 'ヘ゛','ボ': 'ホ゛',
    'パ': 'ハ゜', 'ピ': 'ヒ゜','プ': 'フ゜','ペ': 'ヘ゜','ポ': 'ホ゜',
    'ぁ': '…', 'ぃ': '➡️','ぅ': '★','ぇ': '⧗','ぉ': '⬆️',
    'ァ': 'ˇ', 'ィ': '∧','ゥ': '❎','ェ': '▤','ォ': '▥',
    'ゔ': 'う゛', 'ヴ': 'ウ゛','ぅ゙': 'ぅ゛','ゥ゙': 'ゥ゛',
    'ー': '-', '-': '-', '~': '~', 
  var result = ''
  for (var i = 0; i < text.length; i++) {
    result += kanamap[text.charAt(i)] || text.charAt(i);
  return result;


chrcode 144-153 are used as discarded kana.(ぁぃぅぇぉァィゥェォ)

It is quite difficult to maintain hiragana visibility at small sizes. As a desperate measure, I tilted the characters and crammed them into that area.
Katamuki = tilt

P#130144 2023-05-25 14:08 ( Edited 2023-05-30 00:24)

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