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Cart #dimensionaljump-0 | 2023-04-18 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Dimensional Jump

This is the second game I've worked on, but I couldn't have done it without the support of everyone who helped, scroll down or check out the credits at the end. Much of the development was streamed Live on Twitch.

Before we get into the gameplay, I wanted ask if you'd consider supporting this game so we can make more games in the future. https://abemassry.itch.io/dimensional-jump

Now that that's out of the way, let's begin.


A journey through the dimensions from dimension zero to the third dimension.

Level 0


Dimensional Jump starts off in Dimension Zero. You can't move down, up, left, or right. So the only game that I could come up with given these limitations is a beat game. Get to 10 beats when the zero dimensional point in the center of the screen flashes white by pressing the 🅾️ or ❎ button (z or x on a keyboard).

Level 1


In Dimension One you get one degree of freedom. You can move side to side, in this case left to right. Since it's a side scrolling videogame, a 1d platformer was chosen and the only motion of direction is from left to right, so you can only go right. But you can dash-jump.

To dash-jump hold the 🅾️ or ❎ button (z or x on a keyboard) and press right.

But watch out, there's might be an enemy on your tail.

Level 2


In the second dimension you get another degree of freedom, you can move up and down as well, the playing field remains static but you can move in all four directions as well as dash-jump.

Now the enemy might appear anywhere on the playing field, dodge them and make your way to the end goal.

Level 3


In the 3d level you get yet another degree of freedom you can jump into the screen, so the standard down, up, left, right directions. But there is one change.

To jump press the 🅾️ or ❎ button (z or x on a keyboard).

Instead of dash-jumping you press once to jump into the screen to the next slice of blocks. The end goal is in one of the blocks, further ahead, so look out for it.

Watch out for the enemies, while they can't jump they can communicate your location to each other.


This is all set to an original soundtrack.
Available at: https://abemassry.bandcamp.com/album/dimensional-jump-original-video-game-soundtrack


This was all made possible with many people's support, so here are the credits to the game:

Game Design:




Narrative Design:

Creative Directors:

Creative Contributors:

With Love and Support From:

P#128695 2023-04-18 03:18 ( Edited 2023-05-05 17:52)

very fun! is there any lore? like, whos the gys talking to us? and what are the red things? 8/10

P#128764 2023-04-19 21:52

I want lore please

P#128926 2023-04-23 16:18

Cool concept.

P#128951 2023-04-24 09:53

I’ve been talking to my narrative designer and lore is coming, didn’t want to leave you hanging.

P#129037 2023-04-26 01:09

juicy lore!!

P#129157 2023-04-29 20:28

My narrative designer is still working on the lore, in the mean time we released the soundtrack album: https://abemassry.bandcamp.com/album/dimensional-jump-original-video-game-soundtrack

P#129425 2023-05-05 17:53 ( Edited 2023-05-05 17:54)

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