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Cart #treeplanting_adventure-1 | 2023-08-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

V2 Improved graphics, simplicity and music

Hi everyone, I just finished a new game. It's a tree planting simulator !
I'm an ex tree planter, and always wanted to make a game using the mechanics of this job since it feels a bit like a puzzle.

How to play


  1. Leave spacing between your trees so they can grow properly, 1 meter equals one space (8X8 pixel).
  2. Trees need to have a certain density for a radius to fullfill the reforestation requirement, i.e. in a radius of 4m I want to have about 5 trees. When you hold z button it opens up the radius and tells you (actual trees / number there should be). You can move the plot around while holding the button.
  3. You cannot bring too many trees with you, cause it's too heavy, so place your cache wisely to fill up your bags without having to walk too much ! eventually by buying new bags you will increase your capacity.
  4. Sometimes there is slash in the way (residues of wood or rocks). You can destroy it to make room for a perfectly placed tree. eventually buying a new shovel will help destroy them.
  5. Buying new boots will increase your speed.
  6. You earn money for every tree planted, the price is different for each block.
  7. Having a perfect density of trees will give you 50pts (it tolerates 0.5 difference high or low). In the level report, if you see > sign it means try to plant with more space, if you see < then tighten up your trees (< too low density, > too high density). If your density is wrong, you have a minus (10 * the difference with the requirement) pts.
  8. You need to plant at least 1/5 of all trees or you will get a minus 50pts.
  9. The faster you finish, more points you get.
  10. You get minus 5 points for trees that are too close to each others, and minus 10 points for trees planted in the woods, road or water.


  1. Repair and buy new equipment at the shops. Planting a tree wears out equipment.
  2. Rest at camp sites to replenish energy, moving and planting wears out energy.
  3. Use the arrows to travel between different regions


  • Golf Story : relaxing puzzle on different terrain
  • Gargoyle's Quest : simple abilities to level up instead of character levelup
  • Uniracer : your character being an object
  • Mario 3 : the overworld to present levels with different paths
  • Final Fantasy : management of resting and shops and music

Thanks to my big brother for introducing me to the world of video games, game design and also pico8. I'm having a blast and I've been learning a lot through this experience !
Can't wait to read your comments on the game, hope you like it ;)


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