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Cart #pacinline-5 | 2023-03-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Hi, this is my first game made in pico8 (and in general).


Just press up and down to control the player, X to start and restart the game.


There are a total of 3 levels, that will be triggered depending the amount of columns the player travels.

Two types of enemies (red ghosts don't move, while pink ghosts have a fixed movement).

Also, there are two types of pills to swallow and score points (regular and magical pills). Magic pills turns ghost into blue ghost that can be eaten, as expected.

How it works

An endless road of obstacles was created by grouping elements into patterns, patterns into blocks and group of blocks into superblocks. These superblocks are used to create the levels.

Game code can be found also here


Game made entirely by Lord Kochel.

P#127839 2023-03-30 14:18 ( Edited 2023-03-30 17:53)


What a neat idea. I like it. Id have preferred some sort of recognition that I'd hit one of the ghosts when I died instead of just the game over screen (say the Pacman dissolves away like in the real game). Other that that its cool. Surprised no one has come up with this before ;)

P#127844 2023-03-30 15:10

Really cool! Don't even think of pressing the left arrow though...

P#127848 2023-03-30 16:46

Its a lovely little game and would make an excellent bonus stage in a larger game. But pleeeease do an update removing the left arrow button press!

P#127850 2023-03-30 16:56

@Minion Thanks for your suggestion. You are right, the game still needs a lot more "juiciness" like that.

@Wynn @phil Good catch! I already uploaded a fix for that, sorry!

P#127851 2023-03-30 17:15

Nice! Scrolling was a bit jittery, but could be problem with web-based version.

P#127874 2023-03-30 20:52

Nice version of one of the 2 game modes from the pacman tamagotchi

P#127896 2023-03-31 02:56 ( Edited 2023-03-31 03:32)


P#127905 2023-03-31 09:32

Best: 1363 lvl3
Simple and fun idea. A few details -not just about juiciness but actual gameplay- I'd expect and suggest are:
1) some last-sec visual feedback (e.g. white flicker) to warn you the blue ghosts are about to turn deadly;
2) keeping the button pressed to move two tiles with a short delay (see poke 0x5f5c) not immediate frame as btn() would otherwise it'd be unplayable (as you've probably noticed already trying btn() in early tests).

Also, since speed increases at every level, I suggest to try update60() : everything will move twice as faster since it's 60fps instead of the default 30 using update() but it allows more fluidity on speed control, excellent for fast paced games.

P#127925 2023-03-31 16:47

@kwikrick Thanks, I will try to address that jittery that you noticed, I think I am doing something wrong in the draw phase.

@VgBlade Cool, I didn't know about that, I checked the game and it's the same idea.

@Heracleum Thanks for your comments, I thought about some kind of warning in the last second of the power up, I will try to implement it in a future update. Also I will take a look about the update60 method and the delay when the button is pressed.

P#127927 2023-03-31 17:33

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