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  • Arrow keys: move the cursor
  • X: swap blocks
  • C: manually raise blocks


QuantAttack is a match-2 type action puzzle game. Blocks are cleared by lining up two blocks of the same type vertically.

While the basic rules are this simple, QuantAttack introduces a fresh twist on block-clearing puzzlers. Some blocks are unique, and players must discover hidden patterns to clear them.

There are more than 40 patterns of such block combinations, and finding and mastering them is the fastest way to improve.

These secret patterns are based on the rules of quantum mechanics: each block is a quantum computer instruction (quantum logic gate), which works exactly like an actual quantum computer instruction.

This article on Wikipedia might help you get a better handle on the blocks.




  • New: Add "freeze" effect when matched including CNOT or SWAP gate.


  • Sound: Add music by Notehead (@noteheadmusic).
  • Perf: Overall refactoring to improve performance.


  • Fix: Fix a problem that caused a busy loop in the QPU algorithm.
  • Fix: Fix an issue where the game over explosion sounded multiple times.
  • Sound: Balance tutorial mode beep sound to a milder volume and tone.


  • New: Add tutorial mode.
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