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So I recently had an idea for a pet game on PICO-8 akin to Tamagotchi, or nintendogs. where you take care of pets, and you would use a cursor and buttons. My ideas was to have 2 main areas, one area for just watching and feeding your pets, another for mini games and for training your pet. My idea was once you feed a certain pet enough it would lay an egg and give you more pets My idea for the mini games would be something simple like button mashing or something easy to do. I'll also have to figure out how to make the pets move around on their own (I already have the pet sprites). I'm still pretty new to PICO-8, and have only made short top-down adventure games, so sorry for my lack of knowledge. Comment how you would go about this idea. Thanks!

P.S if I use your code or ideas I'll give you full credit where it's due.

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Cool idea!

I would suggest following a tutorial for top-down adventure game with NPCs. This would teach how to have things happening (entities moving and attacking) that are separate from player input. Then you could apply that to this game!

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