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Hey so I was just doing some map work and I was using the cmd+x to move tiles around and I think when I was cutting and pasting somewhere else in the mapview tiles in the shared space it would move the sprites but not the map tiles which was . . . not good and took a while to make sure everything was ok.
It feels like this isn't intentional but I'm not 100%? I'm on 0.2.5c, thanks in advance!
(Like I said maybe this is on purpose since I'm moving the data it's self around in the shared space but in my game I was making I'm using the shared space for sprites and map and it makes it more difficult.)

P#120205 2022-11-06 15:49

Hi Smelly Fishsticks! I believe it's a feature not a bug, although I could imagine it getting fixed somehow.

I ran into the same problem today when I moved sprite 24 to sprite 16 then in my map rows 0 through 31 got updated but 32 through 63 did not. It happens irrespective of what sprite numbers you are moving and irrespective of what data is in tabs 2, 3 of sprite sheet (be it map data or actual sprites).

It seems there are technical reasons for extended part of map not to get changed when doing Ctrl-X. When using the shared space as sprites, the sprite data in extended map is actual sprites from tab 1! I never drew the smiley face on the map, it is just some internal data for p8... but now, what if I would try to move the smiley face? It would mess up all my sprites I suppose 😋 that means the behavior is a feature!

You can do a workaround using an external editor. You will see that the extended map is always __gfx__ . See the sprite sheet pixel changing when I change the map tile? That's a digit of a __gfx__ byte changing from 0x1f to 0x2f.

This is what is happening in my p8 file:

You can see the desired change and use your external editor to find and replace. Keep a backup handy just in case you verify something you did wrong. Chances are, you will need to skip a few replaces (don't use replace all for sure).

Fair enough… 🤷‍♂️

P#121533 2022-11-28 19:29 ( Edited 2023-09-27 23:20)

I understand that it's in the sheet too I just was saying I wish it'd change the values for the tiles under 0x1000 as well when you cut.
It makes it very hard to wrangle and do big changes to your map cause you could end up making a mess like I did or have to manually figure it out. I think that'd still fit within the spirit of pico8; just handling moving the value as well but it's not the biggest deal breaker or anything I guess

P#121597 2022-11-30 01:21

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