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Pico Rescue!

Pico Rescue is a game for rescuing people and putting out fires. Keep an eye out for your fuel bar, avoid the damage caused by smoke columns, pick up rescuees and return them back to flag checkpoint.

Don't over stay!

You cannot refuel during a mission. So pay close attention to your fuel gauge. When it starts to blink you have 30% of fuel left. It's best to leave, you might not have time to save everyone.

For the emergency room!

Some of the rescuees may need medical atention. You'll have to remove clothing, and do first aid like cleaning wounds and stop bleedings. Use the lens on a wound to see what's left, but don't take too long. Keep and eye out for the patient blood level and use a blood bag if needed

Watch out for the wind

Wind direction can boost your speed but can also hold you down. Be careful because winds with enough speed can spread some wild fires and create massive smoke columns.

Emergencies every day and night

Some missions may happen at night, which will make things hard. Fly low and easy using your spotlight!

Don't forget to spend your money

Before taking on a new challenge, don't forget to hit the store and refuel and fix your aircraft. By buying some upgrades on the Upgrade Store you can improve certain aspects of your helicopter. Save up for some of them!

Read the in-game's help for more info

P#115029 2022-07-30 21:48 ( Edited 2022-08-02 03:20)


It seems if you leave a mission with rescuees then the game is softlocked. You cannot drop off or pick up any more people in future missions.

It would be nice to extend the drop off region as well, it took me while to work out where it was.

Nice concept though, I like the upgrade metagame

P#115031 2022-07-30 22:37

hey, thank you very much for your input. i fixed that bug of leaving with rescuees besides expanding and adding a visual aid for the drop off area.

P#115032 2022-07-31 00:16

Hey, @Cheetorhead. How do you get more water ? The first thing I wanted to do was put out all the flames.

P#115042 2022-07-31 02:28

@dw817 water drops cannot be reloaded during missions. you must focus on getting the maximum number of rescuees. try using the water more strategically on large groups of fires.

P#115043 2022-07-31 02:44

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