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Cart #adelie_chess-4 | 2023-03-12 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

The long-awaited spinoff to Chess is finally here! In Adelie, your goal is to destroy all of your opponent's eggs while keeping your eggs protected. Every penguin has a unique move set, and can even be evolved to gain different moves and abilities! Below is an image containing each penguin's move set and evolution path for your convenience.

  • Each penguin may move using the arrows indicated by the green box and may kill using the arrows indicated by the red box.

  • The distance each arrow goes is important! All moves have a limited range matching that in the image.

  • Evolve a penguin by moving it onto the same tile as an identical penguin. Evolving an Egguin allows you to choose one of the three evolution paths.

  • If an arrow is facing down and has a small shadow, this indicates that the move cannot be blocked by other pieces along the path.

  • The Pengineer has a special ability that makes its attacks ranged, allowing it to kill other pieces without moving, as long as it has a line of sight.

  • The Flying Penguins divebombs create a devastating shockwave. Opponents pieces on a tile marked with an X will be killed if the Flying Penguin lands directly next to them.

  • The color of the cursor indicates which players move it currently is!

This cart will more than likely be no longer updated, as I will be doing a complete rewrite of the underlying system, although this may take a while

P#114985 2022-07-29 23:59 ( Edited 2023-03-12 22:10)

2-Player, @TetraPengwin ?

P#114986 2022-07-30 00:45

released! :yadelie:

P#114988 2022-07-30 03:14

@dw817 yes it is 2-player, but both players use the same keys. the current color of the cursor indicates which player's turn it is

P#114990 2022-07-30 05:37

does not work

P#117712 2022-09-20 18:33

@Tatery1 sorry for such a late reply, it seems an update to PICO-8 had changed the way sub works, but I have now updated the cartridge and everything should now be working as it used to!

P#120885 2022-11-18 01:23

@TetraPengwin thanks! me and my friend has so much fun

P#120917 2022-11-18 16:19

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