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Cart #thinice-0 | 2022-07-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


A top-down precision platformer where you play as an ice-skating snowman's head.


arrow keys: walk, skate
x (when red): boost
z: toggle time


Code/art/design: Holy Mahogany (twitter, website)
Music/SFX: Gruber (twitter, website)

This game is -- in very loose terms -- a mod of Celeste Classic 2. It uses some of that game's code, and borrows Celeste mechanics, including collectible produce and a modified dash.

Thanks to Holly Newlands and the Celeste Classic discord for play-testing.

Thanks to Jabulile for their feedback and support.❤️

P#114358 2022-07-15 14:11 ( Edited 2022-07-15 14:17)

Nice work! Thank you for uploading it here as well!

P#114362 2022-07-15 15:27

Obnoxious movement on ice.

P#118371 2022-10-02 17:33

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