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Cart #unibomber-1 | 2022-07-14 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Update 07-14-2022

The only thing I regretted not adding in the first version was a high score tracker, so that's in there now. You'll see your high score on the title screen and if you get a new high score, you'll see that on the game over screen. Happy unicycling!


Ted is a simple high wire unicycle daredevil stuntman. For some reason, the government wants him dead. Good thing he has a large sack full of bombs to fend them off! (wait, you don't think that's why they're after him, do you?)


  • Left/Right Arrows: Move Ted along the high wire.
  • Z: Drop a bomb. You can only drop one bomb at a time, because you are riding a unicycle on a high wire and it's hard to multitask.


I wanted to do something small scale to get myself to actually finish a thing, so I gave myself a time limit of 24 hours to build a complete game. I finished in roughly 20 hours, so mission accomplished! As my goal was to finish and move on, this will probably be the only version (imperfect though it may be) of this game I upload unless some game-breaking bug surfaces. Why this particular concept? I dunno, the whole idea of the army sending tanks after a unicyclist struck me as funny. Why black & white? I just love good one bit art. Mine is not what I'd call good, but I think it's charming at least.


  • The explosion particle system is something I've been using since @Krystman's Breakout Hero tutorial and tweaking along the way depending how complex/simple I need it to be. The particle code here is actually really similar to the code used in the current shmup tutorial it turns out, but it came from Breakout Hero originally and has lived in my snippets folder ever since.
  • The opening song is my rough attempt at a simple translation of "The Entertainer", a piano tune from 1902 by Scott Joplin. I think this song is great at letting you know that what you're about to play is very silly.

High Score

My current high score is 43. I'd love to see how you all do. Thank you for playing!

P#113931 2022-07-03 16:04 ( Edited 2022-07-14 14:23)


This is a good reminder of how much I like simple concepts / games! Really enjoyable and a great mix of Atari 2600 and Pico vibes.

P#113937 2022-07-03 18:45

Thanks @Pavilion, I really appreciate the kind words & you taking the time to play!

P#113966 2022-07-05 02:07

I had fun tooling around with it for a bit!

P#114213 2022-07-12 01:19

@lt_arex Thanks for playing! Tooling around with it for a bit is exactly what it's meant for :).

P#114253 2022-07-12 22:22

Bahaha, this is good. Especially for the time constraint! The rope sinking beneath the unicycle was a simple but nice touch. I've only gotten to 15 so far

P#114262 2022-07-13 08:56

@sophish Thanks! The unicycle on the rope was actually the start of the idea, the rest of the ridiculousness came later :). I liked how having the line sink felt like it added some weight.

15 is pretty good! I have probably played a hundred times by now, and I never came close to 43 again. Somewhere between 15-20 is where I usually land.

P#114277 2022-07-13 22:10

@2bitchuck Speaking of which, I just got 20! And I forgot to mention: The Entertainer is a favorite of mine so I appreciated that. Ok I'll stop spamming this cart now, haha

P#114279 2022-07-13 22:34

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