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Just creating a thread to collect music that I write. Mostly just for myself—to have things I like all in one place which I'll update periodically as I write new stuff—but feedback is always welcome should anyone feel so inclined. I'm mostly not making any efforts to use space efficiently. I probably should. Meh, one day. Also, I'm terrible at naming things so if anybody feels like suggesting titles or some kind of coherent naming scheme, I'm all ears.

With that in mind here's my first entry. A jaunty little tune I threw together this morning.


Song 1: Jaunty Tune in Eb Major

This one was from a few weeks back. Don't remember when exactly. I was going for something sort of mysterious-ish but still with some upbeat parts. Maybe a bit more repetitive than I'd like but I think turned out alright overall. C Minor, I think.

Song 2:


A Less Jaunty Tune in Eb Minor
This has the exact same structure as the first song but minor instead of major and with some chromatic notes thrown in to give it a bit of dissonance. I like it less but it's okay.

Song 3:


Song 4:

This is another one I wrote a while ago but didn't get around to PICO-8-ifying it until today. This could be made to loop forever after pattern 07 but the way I wrote it here it repeats twice and has an actual ending.

Song 5:

Another older one because apparently today is my day to copy stuff over into the tracker.
Song 6:


Song 7: Playing around with 4 part SATB writing.

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nifty neat!

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