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Actually pretty good, @Favian. The graphics and animation makes me think up a name for him, "Drillbit Danny."

Where he can not only spin when jumping but dig holes both above and below him but only when powered up and only once until he finds another power up.

Obviously the maps around him would contain power-ups in precise locations and it would then be up to the player to determine when and where to use these drill locations to continue further in the maps and ultimately complete the level.

As an attack Drillbit could spin up to hit the floor above him of a passing enemy and they would fall through the hole he creates and they would fall off the screen with no damage to Drillbit.

Enemies could be intelligent as well. 1st level enemies fall through any hole created and vanish, 2nd jump over the holes, 3rd jump down the hole to the level where Drillbit is. Contact of course with any enemy damages Drillbit.

P#106945 2022-02-15 04:17

@dw817 I think it's Toki Pona personified, according to a piece of art @Favian sent in the TIC-80 discord

yes, the TIC-80 discord, not the PICO-8 one

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