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Use the D-pad to draw things...but mirrored. Heck yes.

Cart #mirrordraw-0 | 2022-01-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#105600 2022-01-25 03:47

Cart #tweet_mirror_draw-0 | 2022-01-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Nice job, @gregsabo.

Here is a TWEET doing pretty well the same thing at 228-chars. Does not use any SFX though. Audio is derived from P8SCII control codes.

Can you see how the code works with its similarities and differences to what you did ?

P#105602 2022-01-25 04:54

So cool, the functionality is almost identical! Thanks for sharing this, I'm picking up some new functionality I didn't know about:

  • goto statements (!)
  • P8SCII sfx (!!)
  • flip()

Those \a codes open up some really fun possibilities for generative music :D. It's interesting to compare the sound of yours to mine. You used a diatonic scale, whereas I used a chromatic one - so yours sounds "musical", whereas mine is more "alien" sounding.

P#105639 2022-01-26 01:28

I made a v2 taking inspiration from some of your approaches :)

Cart #mirrordraw-1 | 2022-01-26 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#105640 2022-01-26 01:55 ( Edited 2022-01-26 02:07)

Ooh, I also think I found a way to shorten it by 16 chars 🤩

Cart #mirrordraw-2 | 2022-01-26 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#105641 2022-01-26 01:59 ( Edited 2022-01-26 02:08)

There you go, that's marvelous, @gregsabo. And YES I DO LEARN from others, such as the case here. Now =I= need to see what YOU did and apply it to my future code.

Well done. Giving you a gold star cause you're teaching me something I need to know that I did not before. Looks especially like the return a and b or c Interesting. Something to explore in new code.

P#105643 2022-01-26 02:40

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