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Pirate game v0.3.0

This is my WIP pirate sailing game, heavily inspired by Sea of Thieves

So far the game has the following features:

  • Wind Simulation
  • Sailing
  • AI ships
  • Combat
  • World Events

Please feel free to leave feedback



  • New World Event: Storm. A storm is roaming the sea, be carefull as it's powerfull winds can knock you off course
  • Repairs: in the ship context menu you can now select the repair option. While repairing you are unable to fire your cannons
  • AIs are now also capable of repairing their ship.


  • Cannon balls now have inercia: This will make it easier to hit targets while both ships are moving in the same direction, and overall make physics more realistic
  • Added ship context menu: use Z to toggle the menu and X to select the option)
  • Added Teams: not all NPCs are hostile, they will even fight each other
  • Added spectator mode: did you game over? press Z to switch between AI ships and spectate them
  • New particle effects when cannon balls hit something


  • Added ship combat: Hold X to fire cannonballs


Right now the roadmap is:

  • More Islands
  • Questing
  • World events
  • Possibly a main menu (?)

This is my first time working with a PICO8.


Sailing the Seas:

Fighting other ships:



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