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Cart #y06_pirate_game-5 | 2022-01-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Sea of Pixels v0.4.0

This is my WIP pirate sailing game, formerly known as Pirate Game ,heavily inspired by Sea of Thieves

So far the game has the following features:

  • Wind Simulation
  • Sailing
  • AI ships
  • Ship Combat
  • World Events
  • Ship Teams

Please feel free to leave feedback



  • New color palette: bringing in more tones and colors to the sea (which is still blue)
  • New Storm effects: The storm now swallows any ship who's unfortunate enough to cross it's path
  • New collectible: Loot; You can now find loot when you sink a ship
  • Improved UI: The UI displays your current health, speed, resources and loot count


  • New World Event: Storm. A storm is roaming the sea, be carefull as it's powerfull winds can knock you off course
  • Repairs: in the ship context menu you can now select the repair option. While repairing you are unable to fire your cannons
  • AIs are now also capable of repairing their ship.


  • Cannon balls now have inercia: This will make it easier to hit targets while both ships are moving in the same direction, and overall make physics more realistic
  • Added ship context menu: use Z to toggle the menu and X to select the option)
  • Added Teams: not all NPCs are hostile, they will even fight each other
  • Added spectator mode: did you game over? press Z to switch between AI ships and spectate them
  • New particle effects when cannon balls hit something


  • Added ship combat: Hold X to fire cannonballs


Right now the roadmap is:

  • More Islands
  • Questing
  • World events
  • Possibly a main menu (?)

This is my first time working with a PICO8.




I Hope you have fun exploring the 8 bit seas

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