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Edit (30th Dec 2021):

I have tested this further, and it happens only when the laptop is running on battery power. On mains power, the Pico-8 window continues to draw new frames.

I have looked through the power and sleep options and power plan settings and (other than telling the screen to never turn off) do not see anything that stands out as relevant.

Original post below.

Workaround: Minimise and restore Pico-8.


I recently set my laptop to turn the screen off when it wasn't in use for a couple of minutes.

When the screen comes back on, Pico-8 appears frozen. The first couple of times this happened I thought Pico-8 had crashed, but then I realised I could minimise and restore it to get it to start refreshing its screen again.

As this can look like a crash, it's probably something that should be fixed if possible.

I'm presuming there's a missed screen event handler, but if it's a more complex issue, and if it's any help tracking this down: I'm running pico-8 0.2.4, on a Windows 10 machine. It's a Dell laptop with an i3 processor.

I doubt it's relevant but I run Pico-8 with: -windowed 1 -width 520 -height 520 -gif_len 10 -volume 0 -accept_future 1

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