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I wondered if someone could point me to any good tutorials that will give me some pointers into how to code 3D interfaces please?

If anyone remembers the game Frontier (Elite2) (https://www.mobygames.com/game/amiga/frontier-elite-ii/screenshots/gameShotId,310350/) then I want to re-create something like the 3D starmap in that game, where you could navigate around different stars in 3d, getting information about the selected stars.

Instead of stars, I want to use a similar interface to view and select different projects I am currently managing, where perhaps the size of the "star" or project represented the budget of the project. Its position in the Z axis, might represent the duration of the project etc... and it x and y position on the 3d grid could represent some other parameter.

Basically, I'm tired of showing customers information in the form of spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations and would love to "fly" around the projects in real-time! Time to ditch the boring business software we've become so used to!

Anyway,any pointers much appreciated. I am a novice coder, so back-to-basics would be good, if possible. I guess it all starts with the maths etc... but I'm keen to learn how to progress from this to something really visual.

Many thanks in advanced,

All the best,
Paul :-)

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Literally the post beneath this one found HERE:


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