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Cart #tinyrogue-6 | 2021-11-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Decided to use Pico8 to lay down the initial design work for an RPG designed for the Thumby which runs using the RP2040 chip. This means I have 264kb (actually probably 232kb) RAM to work with, about 1.5mb of disk space, and a 72x40 screen. So I restricted the display area and made use of poking in an 8x8 font to simulate a lot of the final look of the game.

Version 0.1a is just about pre-alpha, as you have an endless dungeon to explore (max size 10x10) but no victory condition quite yet. There is still a few bits and pieces to finish off, code to tidy up but it's coming along.

Version 0.2a is now pre-alpha. Added in graphical updates, hooked in most abilities, added in some more user feedback, balancing is faaaar from done yet. There are likely still be be some bugs floating around as I haven't gone through a complete bug test yet.

Version 0.3b is now beta. Should be feature complete (and down to about 120kb), win/loss conditions, all abilities in and coded. Slowly starting to work on balancing the game now and completing the last tweaks.

Version 0.4b is getting close to final build. Fixes up some more bugs, added new "dodge" passive ability, tweaked some things for balancing, added in list of enemies at the start of a fight.

Version 0.5b is pretty much the final build. Balancing is basically complete, audio (a single beep) has been added, finished off modding support (for Pico8 requires editing load_data section). All that's really left to do is refactoring the code to improve the structure of it rather than any other major changes.

Version 0.6b added might passive ability and tweaked a player to go with that. Found a few bugs which I've fixed (such as monster movement, monsters not casting spells etc). Last big change was refactoring the code to streamline some things. Code is still a bit messy but way better than it was before overall. Now on final testing before porting.

Version 1.0 made last few tweaks to the game before release


  • Arrow keys for menus or movement
  • Z/X to interact with menu (flashing element is current option to use)
  • Hold down Z/X for 1+ second to bring up item menu when outside of a fight

==Active ability==
These abilities can only be used during combat.

1. Fury         attacks number of times equal to level but decreases accuracy by 25%
2. Pray         random effect: cast known spells, heal 1hp/level, flee, nothing
3. Flee         allows user to escape to nearby cell without damage
4. Cast         allows user to cast known spells (!!not suitable spell effect!!)
5. Burn         damages all enemies for 1hp/level, *2 if single enemy
6. Drain        damages 1 enemy for 0.5hp/level (min. 1) and restores hp equal to damage to user
7. Void         damages all enemies for 0.5hp/level (min. 1), *2 if single enemy, and restores hp equal to damage to user
8. Shift        gain abilities/passives of random monster <= level until end of next fight
9. Heal         heals user for 2hp/level
10.Aura         attack that automatically hits for 0.75hp/level (min. 1)
11.Slay         damages 1 enemy for 9999hp

==Passive ability==
These abilities are used automatically when appropriate.

1. Resist       reduces all damage by 1 point
2. Regen        regenerate HP over time (automatic outside of combat)
3. Disarm       disarms any encountered traps
4. Learn        learn unknown spells from scrolls
5. Strike       increases accuracy of any attack by 50%
6. Immune       takes minimum damage (max. 1)
7. Dodge        decrease attackers accuracy by 33%
8. Might    increases all damage by 1 point

Scrolls can only be used in combat, with no cost to hp, except if the player has the learn passive in which case the spell added to the players known spells. All items are consumed after use

1. Potion       heals user 2hp/level
2. Map          reveals map
3. Tools        disarms any traps
4. *xxxxx       scroll of the spell of the same name

All spells cost the caster 1hp to cast.

ID NAME         EFFECT  
1. Missile      same effect as the ability "smite"
2. Bless        same effect as the ability "pray"
3. Blink        same effect as the ability "flee"
4. Fireball     same effect as the ability "burn"
5. Siphon       same effect as the ability "drain"
6. Vortex       same effect as the ability "void"
7. Reshape      same effect as the ability "shift"
8. Heal         same effect as the ability "heal"
9. Holy         same effect as the ability "fury"
10.Slay         same effect as the ability "slay"
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