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Cart #a_small_place-3 | 2021-10-10 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This is a small game where you can see the entire world at once!

P#98259 2021-10-05 23:02 ( Edited 2021-10-10 22:27)

A short little game, even though it's more of a tech demo for a much larger-ish game. Though all that really ends up bringing it down is how absolutely slow you move. Besides that, good job!

P#98338 2021-10-07 16:05

Thank you! I increased the movement speed, so its hopefully less annoying.

P#98477 2021-10-10 22:15

Very nice, I just realized that it does have an ending. The speed made it much better overall. Thank you for changing it!

P#98502 2021-10-11 15:01

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