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Cart #microgolf-6 | 2021-08-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Micro Golf

Press X for everything. Try to shoot in the holes while you have lives left. Random new hole after each score, smaller holes earn more points!

A new easy hole is generated if you miss 3 times the same one.

Post your highscores !

Changelog :

-- 1.0 --

Little UI tweaks.
The new hole after 3 misses is always a max radius.

-- 0.9 pre release --

Rework of the hole randomisation, difficulty and scoring.
More luck involved now but longer runs.
Hole radius is now always random after the first one, smaller radiuses are not possible anymore.
Each hole gives 100 to 500 points depending on its radius.
New hole after 3 misses to avoid getting stuck on a too difficult one (test feature).
Aiming range reduced.
Code clarification, some UI tweaks ands bugs squashed.

-- 0.3 --

Aiming is more precise
Shot strength tweaked
Basic SFX
Basic title screen

-- 0.2 --

Black holes
Growing ball effect
Randomisation tweaks
Little bugs squashed

P#96206 2021-08-18 19:09 ( Edited 2021-08-23 13:16)

I got 2100!

I have to say, I love the simplicity and intuitive play. It also looks really good to me despite the dead-simple graphics. Very nice job!

EDIT: Got 2800 after the v0.3 update. Those small holes are tough! :)

P#96210 2021-08-18 20:18 ( Edited 2021-08-19 11:59)

Anyone get better than this?

P#96229 2021-08-19 13:40

3600 is my best too. I wonder if I will not cap the minimum hole size a bit bigger to allow more scoring. Or randomize the radius all the time and stay on the bigger sizes. Or reduce the radius every 2 or 3 holes. Advices ?

P#96235 2021-08-19 15:52 ( Edited 2021-08-19 15:58)

I like the challenge of the smaller holes, but one idea might be to increase the hole size after, say, 2 misses on a hole. That would give players a better chance of continuing to advance in the game if a hole is particularly tough.

UPDATE: Just squeaked out 4400!

P#96236 2021-08-19 15:58 ( Edited 2021-08-19 21:35)

OK, I hereby declare myself the best at this game!

P#96253 2021-08-20 02:20

For your legacy I might not change anything to the scoring system and release as it is :)

P#96262 2021-08-20 08:58

Last update before final state. I'm pretty happy with my tests about new balance and I don't think I'll change it anymore but I'm a little dubious on the feature that runs a new hole after 3 misses. Should I remove it, lower it to 2 misses, or is it good as it is ?

P#96313 2021-08-21 13:04

I think the only thing I might change about the new hole feature it to make sure the new hole is bigger than the previous hole if you advance because of 3 misses. Otherwise, someone might miss 3 times and then get hit with an even smaller, harder hole. I got 4400 my first time with the updated version. I still think I can break 6000 with some focus :).

P#96314 2021-08-21 13:59

Done it and final release, after 3 miss you got a new fresh big radius hole.

P#96380 2021-08-23 13:14

I got a 700. That has to be the worst golf score ever!

P#96465 2021-08-26 02:27

4200 is my best now.

P#96844 2021-09-03 20:38

My wife just made 5400 I quit here :)

P#96864 2021-09-04 13:22

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