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Cart #sevenbucks-1 | 2021-06-01 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Seven Bucks and a Dream - a WIP slot machine.

Granny arrives in Vegas with 3 things: $7 in her purse, a dream of hitting it big, and an unhealthy love of the devilish one-armed bandit. Help Granny realize her dream of hitting it big by pulling this lever seven times. No, seriously, that's pretty much it. Once Granny's played 7 rounds, her back starts acting up on account of those real uncomfortable stools mixed with skipping her pain meds so she could enjoy the comp drinks. She's not gonna be able to move, and it'll be up to you at that point to choose "Reset Cart" from the menu or navigate away from this page to play a better game (or, you know, a game at all since, again, this is just you pulling the lever for Granny seven times).

I started this to help me work through some mental blockage - you may have seen other games I'm allegedly working on from my Twitter feed that I'm struggling to get over the hump with. This is me trying to create something super small scale so that I can cross the finish line. Much like Granny, I could use a win!


  • X/Z to pull the lever!
  • Hold up arrow to view the payout table!


  • A better looking machine!
  • Cleaner UI overall
  • Over the top Vegas lights/sounds!
  • Title/End screens
  • The Big Bet (tm), where you randomly get chances to bet it all!
  • More Granny sass!
  • Comp drinks mini-game (this is definitely feature creep and likely to be cut!)
  • Probably other crap I'm forgetting!


P#92860 2021-06-01 00:43

I like the action of the wheels. :D
How about showing granny's balance while playing?

P#92866 2021-06-01 02:21

Thanks, appreciate you giving it a go!

Yeah, the balance display is one of the things I lumped under "cleaner UI" in my head. The machine takes up so much space that I might end up shrinking it down to the window and the lever to make room for more stuff.

P#92886 2021-06-01 12:09

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