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I am working on a small cart to demonstrate an engineering process for a colleague who wants to spice up a PowerPoint presentation he is giving.

Does anyone know if its possible to embed a Cart (in HTML format??) into a PowerPoint presentation so that he can run it from within his presentation?

Any help much appreciated.

All the best,
Paul :-)

PS: Am asking here since I can't test this as I use a Mac and don't have PowerPoint! Thanks :-)

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What a fun idea!

From a quick search it seems that it would not be possible out of the box: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-add-an-html-object-to-powerpoint

You can export GIFs from pico8 and embed them in the slide. If you wanted interaction, you can have a link that opens in a browser (not seemless, I know!).

There are some add-ons that would allow adding an HTML iframe, but you would need to review them and ensure they will work in the presentation computer.

You could also take the question inside out: export the presentation to HTML, and edit the result to add an iframe for a pico8 game! Or if you can, write the presentation using any modern HTML5 slides engine and embed pico8 like this site does: https://demoman.net/?a=animation-code-part-1

Or for an extreme version, make the whole presentation inside pico8: https://twitter.com/lexaloffle/status/1295831642955608064

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