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I'm a linux user who is running this in windowed mode. My system resolution is 1600x1200 so it opens a pretty small window in the middle of the screen. I can change the window size in the config, but that only changes the size of the window itself instead of enlarging the contents they simply stay the same size inside the bigger window.

I can grab a corner and drag it to a good size (about twice as big) but then when I restart it's back to the original size.

Is there a way to enlarge the entire window and contents by about X2?


P#26499 2016-08-04 21:47 ( Edited 2016-08-05 02:30)

:: Felice

I use this command line for 2x with a narrow border:

pico8 -width 270 -height 270 -scale 2

I use 270 because it evenly divides the height of my monitor (1080/270=6). That means going fullscreen simply scales this window up by exactly 6x more and doesn't give me unevenly-sized pixels.

Obviously for no border you'd use 256.

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