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Working out some of the rough edges of the 'platforming' before adding some items and dialogue stuff.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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P#81997 2020-09-19 19:32

Ooh, this is looking great! Very fun!

Jumping feels really nice. Maybe a tad "slippery" on the landing/descent. (I spent a while sliding off the single-tile block, and sailing over the upper part of the L-shaped block, on the first screen.)

The rope mechanic is very tricky at times, but feels well implemented and is super rewarding as you start to get the hang of it!

I love the circles of lamplight around the attach points. At first I thought they indicated how close you had to be to attach your rope, but sometimes it seems like you can attach your rope while you're still outside the lamplight radius, so I'm not sure I always understand exactly how close I have to be to start a swing.

I loved finding a little pal in one room and I'm excited to see what dialogue/story you put in.

I am currently stuck on the first room that's all white brick, with the door at the very top. Learning to swing all the way around to the top of the platform is a super nifty new twist and it's nicely introduced - I felt clever when I figured out it's what I had to do, and excited when I pulled it off for the first time! It's tricky, though, and when I do make it, I keep missing the subsequent jump, or the next swing after that.

It strikes me that this room requires four very precise moves in a row, which I think is a pretty long chain compared to previous rooms, where you just have to master one or two difficult maneuvers and then you're off to the next challenge.

Thanks for sharing this work in progress! I had fun and learned a lot from checking it out, can't wait to see the finished product!

P#82382 2020-09-27 18:55

great, love it. (just a bit slipy but its great), i see a lot of potential on this game

P#82394 2020-09-27 21:13

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