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I'm doing a one game a week challenge , a friend is also participating, and I decided it was a good time to learn how to use Pico-8 and start making games with it! So here it is, 1st week, 1st pico-8 game I've ever made, looking forward some feedback :D

Cart #starfragment-0 | 2020-04-12 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#74660 2020-04-12 06:17


This is an incredible first game! I love the music and sprite animation, I also like the art!

P#74663 2020-04-12 12:53

Thank you so much! I appreciate the comment, the theme of the week was "star" so the player as a star was my first thought, everything else just came as I put it together. ^^

P#74667 2020-04-12 16:35

Really nice! The rolling and bouncing animations are really nice and fun, and the whole game just works well. The last level was maybe a bit too hard, almost gave up there :D The time windows to perform the jumps got a bit too intense for my taste, but one thing that could have also helped would be tweaking the enemy hitboxes to be a bit smaller. Great job anyway, in such a short time too!

P#74688 2020-04-13 09:43

Starz! :D

P#74799 2020-04-16 00:02

I'm addicted to this game! Super fun! Can I join the "One Game a week challenge"?

P#74864 2020-04-17 02:27

@noppa Thank you! Yeah, the last level was kinda hard because well, it was the last level after all haha but I get it the difficulty curve was too much I'm sorry :P

@DRStudio2010 Starz Indeed :D

@CandyColt_Games Thank you! Of course you can, when I publish the second week game, I'll also add the third week theme for anyone who wants to join

Thank you everyone for playing! The week two game will get a couple of days delayed because I got sick (Not covid fortunately) But I dropped some days to get well. I will post in the forums when it's done, thank you all again ^^

P#74940 2020-04-18 19:34

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