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Hello and welcome back.


Sorry for taking so long to return. Has been quite the busy week for me, babysitting, entertaining company, visiting family, G/F visiting, and working on the main company project (not yet released).

To see what's been done in Applecart on this particular project so far, go HERE:


Continuing the Applecart PENSATE we were going to do five stages of the Apple puzzle game, PENSATE.

  1. Sprites and game appearance (due now, I finished mine all in just an hour)
  2. Movement of sprites and player (due now)
  3. Menus, scoring, opening animations (etc) (scheduled for next week (02-23-20)
  4. Sound
  5. Cleanup and completion

So here is the video so far in my own attempts at writing PENSATE:

This is a sample of the last and hardest level. The player must make 3-moves at a time stored into an action queue and each time he moves the opponents also make a move.

To simplify the opponents they will do one of two things per move.

[1] Attempt to move LEFT or RIGHT depending upon which arrow they have as their icon.
[2] If they cannot move because that area is blocked by another arrow, then reverse direction.

And that's it !

That's all for today. Your next step is to build the menus and scoring around it as well as opening animations and text if any. So yes, essentially the game to this point is DONE !

With that, here's hoping you will join in and I will see you next week with your results ...

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