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This is a bit obscure and possibly a limitation of SDL, but I notice as of 0.1.12c that if my default audio output device changes while PICO-8 is running, PICO-8 will continue to use whatever output device was the default when PICO-8 started for output, instead of switching to the new device.

For example, if I start PICO-8, then connect headphones, PICO-8 will continue to use the speakers. The rest of the system (at least for apps that don't have this issue) will use the headphones. To get PICO-8 to use the headphones in this case, I have to restart PICO-8.

P#71088 2019-12-17 07:01

This exact behavior used to happen on Windows until the last version.

P#71094 2019-12-17 17:09

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