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The inline code syntax matcher is too greedy. A single instance runs past the closing backtick to the end of the paragraph:

One `two three` four five

One two three four five

Multiple instances in a paragraph help to illuminate what's happening: the styled span starts at the opening backtick but closes at the end of the paragraph, so multiple instances produces nested spans:

One `two` three `four` five

One two three four five

P#68357 2019-10-02 07:20

Code or it didn't happen. Or more like, "Code or I have no idea what the question is." :)

P#68387 2019-10-03 00:11

I humbly request escalation of a fix for this bug. I'm pleased to see improvements to the BBS forum markup, but inline code markup still doesn't terminate correctly.

(Not sure about dw817's comment. Hopefully it's clear that this is a bug report about the BBS forum software. :) )

P#96932 2021-09-06 03:48

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