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Hello Lexaloffle community!
This is my first post since i always only look here for new cartridge.

So, i have a pocket chip and i discover pico-8 console on that handheld computer and i fall in love.

The only problems of p.chip is that isn't really portable and you can't play well on it's keyboard.
So i'm in search of a console that can play it.

I'm probably going to made a gameboy pocket zero for that purpose but, while i'm surfing on youtube, i found a really interesting handheld.

It's linux based and that's the specs:

Screen: 2.6 inch 320 x 240 (4 : 3)
CPU: JZ4760B MIPS - 528Mhz up to 740Mhz
RAM: 128M DDR2
Internal Memory: 16G
Battery: BL-5C 1000mAh Lithium
Port: TV Out/Headphone Jack, Micro USB

It's look like the diginux cfw from dingoo console if you remember it.

Btw, do you think it's possible a port of pico-8 on this handheld? Let me know what you guys think about that!

P#63163 2019-04-01 20:18 ( Edited 2019-04-01 20:23)

You have Gameshell in a very similar package that already supports Pico (and many more).
The chip is also a bit more powerfull.

P#63164 2019-04-01 20:56

Yup, but this cost 60$, the gameshell it's around the 140$ or above.

P#63166 2019-04-01 21:13

No, PICO-8 will not run on this device. The JZ4760B microcontroller is neither x86 nor ARM, which are the only Linux builds of PICO-8 available.

This question usually comes up in the context of the Odroid. There are a bunch of these gaming handhelds based on various microcontrollers available inexpensively, but they're not close enough to mainstream computing platforms to run the PICO-8 binaries. It would be interesting to see if someone could assemble a new PICO-8 cart player from the stock Lua interpreter and SDL libraries for these platforms, but they'd otherwise be doing it from scratch.

I don't think anyone has ever tried running PICO-8 on compatible systems with limited specs like clock speed and RAM, so we can only conjecture as to how much headroom PICO-8 needs. I am curious about it, considering that the makers of various microcontroller based handhelds have managed to compile and run open source emulators with some success.

P#63487 2019-04-14 04:43

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