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A simple game I made to try and get to grips with Voxatron. I'm so, so glad I finally managed to get into this, after it inspired me so much in its early years but I found the development tools a bit difficult to figure out (even quite recently!).

Having since bought in heavily to PICO-8 and made some 40 games with it, I decided to come back around and make a proper go of it when Voxatron 0.3.5 hit, and I'm really happy that I did. This is entirely programmed in one script inside the main room, with one (short and boring) tune in the background. No precreated assets or anything like that. Which might make it interesting for you to explore!

Anyway here's my silly game about being a weird gardening alien with a weird ship in a weird garden that has
a bottomless pit in the middle. You have to clear all those nasty rocks out!!!

(in menu)
Z: start game

(in game)
Z [hold]: activate tractor beam to suck up rocks under your ship
X [tap]: dump a rock, ideally into the pit

(in 'all done' screen)
Z + X together [tap]: back to title

When you've dumped all the rocks into the pit, you'll get a nice 'all done' screen and an opportunity to replay. That's it! Have fun messing around in this little world!

itch.io page: here.
#onegameamonth January 2019

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P#61373 2019-01-31 00:07 ( Edited 2019-01-31 00:24)

This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing. The UFO is awesome, I might imitate that general idea in one of my games.
The music is pretty nice too, I like composing but I'm not too dedicated so I've come to appreciate shorter loops.

P#61383 2019-01-31 07:33

this is on itch.io

P#117868 2022-09-23 21:46

@blazerman Thanks for trying it, I appreciate the feedback

@abdo#1245 Yes, it is on itch.io, it's on my own itch.io page because I always cross post my games to there and here. Rest assured I didn't steal it, both posts are by me.

P#117900 2022-09-24 10:13

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