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Cart #fractured_rogue_wip-12 | 2020-02-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This is a roguelite I've been working on for a bit, and it's almost completed! It takes place in a universe that is being fractured, you must survive 10 areas and waves of enemies to hop through portals until you reach a place that is protected.

Features include:
-destructible walls
-environmental hazards (fires, water, spider webs, pits)
-29 enemies (with varying abilities/features)
-25 items/spells
-3 basic player classes (with 2 clothing styles and 8 different pallets).

Portals will appear that will take you to the next area. Enemy portals will pop up after a while, spawning more enemies as the area becomes more fractured, forcing you to move on. Pick up potions and new skills that will help you survive and go through 10 areas.

Z - Open / Close Menu , Cancel
X - Wait 1 Turn , Select menu option
Arrow keys - move , Attack (when moving into enemies)

Let me know what you think!

2/27/20 update: Various tweaks, added some new enemies and spells. Officially done with this cart! (at least for now)
2/23/20 update: Fixed bugs, added a few items / features. Almost ready to tie a bow on this game after polishing a tiny bit more.

P#60424 2018-12-29 15:22 ( Edited 2020-02-28 03:34)

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