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Christmas Delivery

My second PICO-8 game. In this one, you're Santa delivering presents in the wee hours of Christmas morning. I'm fairly happy with the result, although the game is quite short. My top score is 79% :)

I tried to incorporate all of the elements to make this a "real" game, e.g. title screen, in-game instructions, music. A high scores list at the end would have probably been a good addition. If you have thoughts on other ways to polish the game, let me know. I'm still exploring other PICO-8 games (really enjoying the advent calendar).

Additional links

This game was made for an itch.io game jam where you only use two buttons (pretty easy to accommodate on PICO-8!):

I put up an iPhone-friendly version of the game on itch.io here (sound and input don't work so well for me on the embedded versions on the BBS):

Gameplay video

P#59963 2018-12-13 15:55

I like this, it is fun and hard as well. Great work!

P#59973 2018-12-13 20:54

This is a =SUPER= Christmas game ! Definitely deserves more attention. Star for you.

P#70655 2019-12-07 07:24

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