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I am currently wrapping up a tool that allows wrapping a PICO-8 cart as an Electron and Ionic app. Meaning, Pico-8 can be exported as a Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Ios application. Which, simply wraps the cart inside of a web browser that can be run as a single application. However, it provides more features such as a save file, indexedb, watching service (For things like achievements), Options for fullscreen and sound, A mobile gamepad, a splash screen to hide PICO-8 booting, and much more!

However, I am currently trying to get over the last hump in the framework before taking the time to write all of the documentation. And that is audio performance on Android.

I've come across a few good discussions on the forums here:




But none of them come with a solution, but more of just acknowledging that it is a problem. So I thought I'd create this thread in an attempt to fix and discuss the issue.

And to put one foot forward, I currently test on a Nexus 5x and a Pixel 2. They do not display the audio issues. However, my roommate and girlfriend's phone do. So what I've noticed, I've been getting Android updates as they come in. I trust my 5x is on 7.1, where my Pixel 2 is on 8.1. Where my girlfriend and roommate are <= 7.0 . After some additional research, I am starting to suspect this may be the fix: https://developer.android.com/about/versions/nougat/android-7.0.html#webview

The Built-in Android webview may not play well with Audio from the Emscripten code within the cart js files.

I personally can not test and repot on Ios devices unfortunately.

Anyways, any help or ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!

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