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Not sure exactly how bugs are reported, and didn’t want to spam too many new topics, so combining a couple issues here:

IOS Issue Fullscreen Issue
Has anyone else managed to get full screen button working when running carts on IOS (phone or iPad) through safari or any other app? Outside full screen, Clicking on buttons the touch area seems slightly offset, and if I miss a button, iOS selects the text behind the Pico window for copy/paste, making it impossible to play. Full screen is supposed to fix this but I can’t seem to get the full screen button to work.

MS Edge Button/Key press issues
Someone reported having problems with my game Lil Space Rangers on MS Edge. It looks like it doesn’t read inputs well when playing in Edge - sometimes a button won’t read that it’s depressed, or it will think it’s still depressed when they let go of the key. Not sure if this is universal problem with carts and Edge or some combination with how I pull inputs, but it doesn’t happen on chrome or safari.


P#47101 2017-12-04 22:25 ( Edited 2017-12-05 03:25)

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