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Hi Everyone,
I have made a lot of stuff in GameMaker (Hiss Boo I know).. but I'm a complete noob at Pico8 .. I LOVE IT so far and I am trying really hard to understand how to do two things to get me up and running. Firstly I just wanted to do a simple top down walk around shoot at things in game.

               So far I have a simple sprite I can move around with up/down left..etc... As far as pretty well every youtube video ever takes me....I can also do sound and music ok , so that parts fine...
               But what I need to know is how to fire a bullet in the direction I am facing. I mean if I am pressing up and right .. to be able to press a button and actually fire up and right. Or facing right...press and fire right etc etc.
               I have dug around in several Carts, but I get lost as everyone seems to do this different ways. All the Youtube videos I can find don't go over this either.

                I would even be happy with a single pixel firing from my box sprite. (Hell even if it fired from a single character as a pixel I would be over the moon)

               The other question would be the collision detection between the bullet and the target.

               From what I can gather in Pico8 PPl seem to be drawing a box around the enemy and the bullet for detection of collision... I was wondering if making a bullet say RED and the enemy BLUE ... could I simply use Mget to check if the direction+1 of the bullet is that specific color to call the hit as well?. I have not tried this yet, but was curious as to if it's even possible.

                I know this is probably really easy stuff for a lot of you. And if anyone could spare the time to show me how to do this I will name my first Pico8 Game in your name :)
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Pico doesn’t offer collision routines, you need to roll your own.
Suggest to step back and explore the demos shipped with pico8.

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Cool thanks it's much clearer now!

P#46612 2017-11-23 02:14

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